MaxWeb Seo – Better Results Or Refund- Niche related links- Backlinks aged and powered up for 6 months – $35 only

Click Here To Place An Order.  # If you don’t get better results- you will get a 100% refund. # Niche-related links included. # DR70+ Links included. # Backlinks aged and powered up for 6 months # Starts at $35 only Click Here To Place An Order.   FAQ: How does the refund guarantee work? In order to be able to claim for the “better results or refund guarantee”- u must provide a maximum of 3 URLs and 6 keywords. If at least 2 keywords from ur provided 6 keywords do not see better rankings in the next 2 months- u can ask for a 100% refund. Can you explain the “6 months tier2 process” in easier words? Sure! We create some tier1 links for you. Now, these tier1 links- receive tier2 links- for a total of 3 times- spread in 6 months. Your tier1 links get powered up using tier2 links for a total of 3 times spread in 6 months. What type of tier2 backlinks do u make for me? We make web2.0, bookmarks, forum profiles, wiki, redirects type tier2 backlinks for u. Do I get a complete report? You get a complete report for tier1. You will not get any report for tier2. What is the Turn around time? 2-3 weeks Are these links dof0llow? More than 75% links would be d0follow. Will these links stick? Yes. If a link is down within 6 months, then we will replace it for free. Can I provide you with … Continue reading

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