About Us

We are in the SEO biz for the last 9 years.

We process Digital Marketing solutionns for around an average of 200 websites a month. In the last 9 years of our digital marketing history- we never had a SINGLE UNSATISFIED CLIENT.


WELCOME TO 35DollarSEO.com.


As a leader in the industry of Digital Marketing / Internet Marketing  35DollarSeo.com  with our staff of over 40 professionals is constantly researching new and innovative approaches to our techniques.  With thousands of satisfied clients, we understand the importance of our services and what they can mean for your internet company.

We have a proven track record and almost all of our clients see lovely results and that is why we deal with approximately 400 clients every month.

We continually study the ebb and flow of search engine algorithms and keep testing our techniques and the results thereof, to ensure our clients the quality service that they have come to expect from us.

We firmly believe in the ethical, white-hat approach to maximizing your target traffic and your brand apperance. 

35DollarSeo.com maintains that our product will not only maximize your traffic but will enhance your internet profile and overall sales through a proven set of search engine optimization techniques.

We not only improve the rankings for a website on the search engines but we also do brand recognition.

Traffic is all that you need to succeed and we get you it from google, other search engines, and social media platforms too. Does not matter what you need- as long as it’s related to traffic- We can do it.


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