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Google May 2020 update explained, 400+ sites checked, 270+ human manual hours invested

Google did a major broad update on 4th May and many of you have certainly seen huge rank shuffle in you rankings. Since 7th may – I (and 3 of my other team members) have put a lot of hours into analyzing and understanding this google update and we have many takeaways.   WHAT EXACTLY DID WE DO? – We checked more than 400 sites. We checked a lot of things about these 400 sites. (We actually checked 1000+ websites but approx. 400 websites were checked in huge detail. This article is a work of 270+ human manual hours. We sorted all sites in different 3 categories. Category A: Sites those saw rank loss ~after the update. Let’s call these LOSER SITES. Category B: Sites those had almost same rank ~after the update. (Hardly 5-10 rank PlusMinus OR sites those saw rank loss for some keywords but not for all.) Category C: Sites that were benefited from the update. Let’s call these WINNER SITES. We cross-checked all these sites again on 22nd May (bcoz Google takes some time to roll out its updates completely) and then we picked sites accordingly and did cross-check things again so that we can reach to a clearer conclusion.   How does Google rank a website? – ( understanding the BALANCE) – This paragraph has nothing to do with the work we did, but reading this paragraph will make it easier to understand the complete article. Google never ranks a website on the basis of … Continue reading

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Banned Keywords

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