Profit Keywords – Make at least $1000 per month

This is going to be a little long read.

Profit URLs worth $1000 Minimum

You have a website and you want to make money from it. You are in a certain niche.

Let’s say you are in the CBD niche.
CBD niche is just an example. This method is going to work for all the niches.

Suppose that you have a website in the CBD niche. and you order Profit Keywords from us. Now we will look at the internet and we will find an URL that makes at least $1000 per month (according to ahref).

So for example: For CBD niche-


According to ahref- this single URL makes $5k per month and gets 4.7k traffic per month.This URL has only 9 backlinks and a DR3 website.

NOW- if you order “PROFIT KEYWORDS FROM US FOR $1” then we will find such pages and give you keywords- on which you can write articles > Publish on your website > Do little SEO > PROFIT?Please Note That These Keywords Are Not ZERO COMPETITION keywords. These keywords will require LITTLE SEO but a single of these keywords can generate a great amount of money per month for you.


Here is another URL that makes $3k per month and gets 3.6k traffic per month.


Once you order our service PROFIT KEYWORDS- we will find such pages and we will check all keywords that are sending those URLs traffic.

We will make sure to find only LOW COMPETITION KEYWORDS that will require little SEO.

We will provide you keywords in a PROPER CLUSTER.


I understand that ahref traffic value is not exact and many times wrong.
Ahref displays that information based on CPC/Adwords/Adsense.
If you do not want INFORMATIVE keywords/URLS but exact money keywords/URLs review/best/product type keyword/URLs then we can provide keywords for such URLs too.


In short –  Once you pay us $1 – we will find 2 keywords for you.

You can write 2 articles for these 2 keywords and publish them on your website And then add ADSENSE on those article URLs and MAKE GREAT MONEY. As written before- you can ask us for best/review/product type keywords too.


Here are the packages:


Package 1. Get a list of 2 keywords. These 2 keywords can make you POTENTIALLY $2k per month  -Price $1

Package 2. Everything in package 1 + We write 2 articles, 1500 words long each, written by great US writers-Price $99

Package 3. Everything in package 2 + 6 months long SEO for these 2 urls for perfect rankings -Price $499




More details on package 2:

You do not get simple articles only.
You get articles that come with proper images, proper interlinks, all-important longtail keywords put. Keywords will be finalized after looking at atleast 5 similar weak urls.
We understand the intent of a keyword.
We understand the type of content on the top 10 URLs on google. We understand to provide an article that covers all the important longtail keywords and can get you potentially 10k traffic OR $1k per month ALONE.
Once we give you articles- you publish those articles on your website.

More details on package 3:

Package 3 comes with SEO included. This SEO will get you quora links + niche edits + niche outreach guest posts + news links + web2.0 and more diversity links. A 6 month long SEO that will certainly get you great rankings.
It’s really bloody simple.
You can either “order only keywords” OR “order keywords with articles written” OR “order keywords + article writing + SEO”.
Spend $499 on the complete package and in the next 2-3 months- you will definitely be making good money.
35DollarSeo Proud:
We have analyzed so many websites. Have done so much research and now we have a specialty in almost all the NICHEs. In whatsoever niche you are in we can help you make money.