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1. I don’t understand the packages and pricing. Can you clarify?

Sure! There are three packages: $99/$299/$499. There are two ways to pay.

You can either pay for ONE MONTH only, or you can choose the auto-recurring subscription.

If you pick the ONE MONTH payment, you will pay the amount you chose ONE TIME and we will build some links for you that month.

If you pick the recurring subscription, you will be automatically billed that amount monthly and we will continue to create new links for you EACH MONTH until you cancel. Please note that all built links are permanent and NOT monthly rented.

2. How will this service help my website?

The links we build for you are on very reputable websites. These are sites that Google respects. So, you should get a solid leg up with respect to authority and rankings.

3. Are my links permanent?

Yes. Each of your links comes with a 1-year live guarantee. If you find any link missing in the next year, simply email/PM us, and we will replace it for free for you.

4.Will this rank me at the top of the search results instantly

The proper way to do SEO for a website is: “Add new content + new links + new social media votes” every single month to your website. If you do that, you should see very good results in a number of months. If you buy “4U” and if you continue with it, then there should be a huge results difference.

 5. Can I order for my adult/casino website?

Yes, you can. For an adult or casino website, however, you will receive FEWER links.  But you can certainly order the service.

6. How many URLs and keywords can I provide?

You should provide a maximum of 3 URLs with your order along with related keywords.

7. What is the turnaround time?

4 weeks.

8. How long is the content?

The average word count for each piece of content will be around 800 words. US native writers create all of our content.

9. Can I provide content myself?




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