Tutorial: Are you making more links than you should? How many links do you usually require to rank a keyword?

Many webmasters penalize their website only by “making more links than they should.”


Let’s understand this more easily:

Suppose that you want to rank on google for the keyword “Abc DEF.”

Now, if you search that keyword on google- you will find 10 results on the first page of google.

Suppose that each of those 10 results/URLs has an average of 20 backlinks to them. 

Now, what happens when you make 40 backlinks for that keyword?

It starts looking fishy to google, and you might end up wasting your time, money, and links only to see negative results for your website and keywords.

I have personally seen many clients hurting their website and keywords by building more links than they should. 


So How many links do you exactly need to rank a keyword?:

So you have a keyword that you want to rank, and you want to know how many links you need to make to rank this keyword.

Follow these steps, and you will understand how many links to make for ranking a specific keyword:

A. Search your keyword on Ahref OR SemRush.

B. Ahref/SemRush will show you that “how many backlinks- each of the top 10 ranking URLs has”. 

From there, you can get an idea about how many links you need to rank a single keyword of yours.

C. Suppose that ahref/semrush says that “top 10 ranking URLs have average 20 backlinks” to them.

Now you should aim to get 20 backlinks to your website for that keyword- “in 4 months” MEANING for that keyword- you should aim to make 5 backlinks per month and continue making 5 backlinks for the next 4 months. 

In our testing, we have found this technique to garner the best results. 


An important tip to follow: When looking at “backlink count” of “top 10 rankings urls,” – do not consider backlinks of high authority websites.

For example: If Wikipedia ranks in the top 10 for your keyword and if that Wikipedia URL has only 5 backlinks, then it does not mean that you also need only 5 backlinks. You need to look at “smaller websites in the top 10” and try to understand the backlink count from there.


An important tip to follow: While building backlinks- make sure to diversity your anchors right and build good backlinks only.


Let us tell you “how many backlinks you need to rank a keyword”:

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