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Tell me again- Why Exactly do you buy a seo service?- PRESENTING: Dream’s Seo – White Hat Nature Agency Quality All in 1 Diversity Links

We ranked our clients for keywords they wanted to rank. We also ranked them for keywords they had not even targeted in the first place.

We ranked many of our clients for more than 50 keywords.

We dont just rank- we convert your website in an authority website- which starts ranking for keywords on its own.


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SEO is not the only thing (OR task) that your website needs. Your website needs many more things in
order to make a profit. You need to test out various types of advertisements.
You need to plan methods that surround themselves with an abundance of different activities.

SEO is not the only thing (or task) your website needs. If you want to grow – you need to put your mind to work (and constantly improve your website).

Therefore, you need an SEO service that is so good – you’ll be able to breathe easy (when it comes to the SEO and Ranking process).

Have you ever heard of the saying “money makes money”?
If your site ranks at the top of Google, then you can think of multiple ways to increase your profit. If your site receives an abundance of traffic, then you can plan to work on email marketing. You can also plan to generate traffic via social media too.
At that point, you can plan to generate more revenue by diversifying your portfolio. You can make more websites and go that route, as well as many other things. Your online money making journey will be one to remember.

Whatever the definition of “ranking and banking” happens to be in your eyes – that can be changed for the better. This happens once you’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

Basically – you need an SEO service that you can count on. One that won’t beat around the bush!

The 2nd Question:

Have you ever considered what it would be like to have your webpage turn into an “Authority Site”?
If your site converts to an authority website then many more pages from your website will start ranking, without any SEO protocols being put in place.
If your site converts to an authority website, then it will start to recieve traffic from many keywords; some of which you had not even expected in the first place.
If your site converts into an authority website, then every single new article you put on your website might start ranking for some small keywords itself.
So, wouldn’t you like to see your webpage converted into an Authority Site?

What If I give you something which has capacity to not only rank you, but also has capacity to make you an authority website?

Presenting: The Dream’s SEO

The Dream’s SEO is used for 2 main purposes:
1. Rank you for your desired terms.

2. Convert your site into an authority website.

Let’s dive in to the service, so that you can experience the awesomeness we are about to deliver to your website.
Here are the links we build for you with “The Dream’s SEO”:

Phase 1

Posts from high-authority sites (eg patch.com, hr.com and more)

We write 6 high-quality articles (each 600 words long) for you, then we publish them on 6 different high-authority websites. These are not web 2.0 links or similar crap of that nature.
These are posts on well established, extremely high-authority websites. Having these links to your website means receiving a lot of love by Google!

Phase 2:

Infographic marketing (Forget bad infographics. Infographic that makes sense)

This is not going to be a bad infographic that you have probably seen many times. Here is how it differentiates from the rest!
We will write an infographic script for you. This script is written by someone who has written hundreds of infographic scripts in the past, and holds a certain skill level.
We will write a very professional script for you allowing Your script to have: data, statistics and many other things related to your keywords/topics.
Once the script is ready – we get a very professional looking infographic designed for you.

Once the infographic is ready, we publish it on 25+ image sharing sites; as well as other types of pages.

Phase 3:

Video Marketing (A nice whiteboard explainer video THAT MAKES SENSE).

We design the video in such a way that you will absolutely love it.
Our video will look so professional to you that you will have no problem featuring it on your homepage; AND I MEAN IT!

Here is how your video is built:
First of all, we write a video script for you. This script will be written by someone who has written hundreds of video scripts already. Once the video script is written, we make a “white board explainer” video for you.
When the video is finally complete, we publish it on 25+ video sharing pages (and other type of websites).

Phase 4:

Press releases on DailyHerald, Boston, DigitalJournal and more than 200 high-authority news websites (Google news guaranteed!)

We will write a press release (400+ words) for your website and then push it to 200+ high-authority news websites. We guarantee that your news will be seen in Google news section, which is a big SEO boost to be had.

Phase 5:

Content Curation:

Content curation is a process in which a content curator talks about “great informative content” on various content curation websites.

We will be doing the same for your website. We will talk about your website on 20+ different content curation pages – giving you the most “bang for your buck”.

Phase 6:

Social media marketing:

We will drip 1200+ social media votes to your website from facebook, twitter, google plus and more.

Phase 7:

Once the complete package has completed, we will run indexing phase for you.

Ladies and Gentleman,
That is how you not only rank your website, but also get chances to turn your website into that of the authority type.

If you look at the Phase 1, then you will notice that people on BHW sell links like those for $50 each alone.
So you would think that this phase will cost you $300 alone, right?
People sell press releases like this for $69 on BHW.
A professional infographic designing alone would cost you hundreds of $$$.

A professional video designing alone would cost you hundreds of $$$.
If you calculate the cost of everything – it would reach into thousands of dollars, very easily.
Luckily for you, I have been doing this for a long time. I have ways to get things done easily for you!

There are 2 packages to be considered:
Dream’s SEO Level 1- $300 (Everything written by a Philippine writer)

Dream’s SEO Level 2- $500 (Everything written by a US native writer).


1. Turn around time?

2-4 weeks. Most of the times it would be 15 days.

2. How many urls and keywords can I provide?

You can provide 1-3 urls and 3-6 keywords. All must be from a single website. We build over 80% links as brand anchors and raw urls only.

3. Do you accept PORN?

Nope. We don’t accept PORN websites.

4. Are these links permanent?

100%. If you see any link gone within the next 1 year – you can send me a PM and i will have you sorted.

5. Refund policy?
Once an order is started- a refund can not be provided.

If you have any question- feel free to contact me on

Skype: aim100IM

Email: help@dollar35seo.com