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SEO agencies charge 3000-6000 USD a month for their service. Can your SEO beat theirs? – Monthly SEO Campaign by


The standard rate SEO agency would charge you is between 3000-6000 USD a month.
Your competitors are probably already paying 3000-6000 USD a month for their SEO.


On a scale of 1 to 10- How certain you are that your SEO planning would beat theirs?
Are you sure your SEO strategy is at the point- where you can feel relaxed knowing that you will rank top 3?
If your competitors are paying 3000+ USD a month for their SEO, what are your chances of beating them with a lower budget?


In the game of SEO, only the strongest and the smartest thrive.

One of the major differences between your link and theirs is this:
If a Google human employee checks their links- He would see it as a genuinely acquired link, whereas yours says differently.

Do you know a way to do something which beat your top 3 competitors with certainty? PROBABLY NOT!


Presenting: Monthly SEO solution from
Our monthly SEO solution is nothing like you have seen before. We take complete care of your website.
Here are a few things you can expect from our Monthly SEO solution:


1. Links from your top 10 competitors- OH YEAH!
We scan your top 10 competitors. We look at their strength, and replicate it, and even do better. We look at their weakness and capitalize on them. For instance, your top 10 competitors have links from some specific sites. We try to get you links from those same specific sites.
BUT we make it better.
We use longer content, we do better tier2 and then you get links that have surely worked in your niche and are built better than your competitors’ hence very high probability of ranking very high.

2. Niche relevant guest posts-
Anyone working on SEO would know the importance of building niche relevant guest post links. This is what we do, and we pride ourselves of doing this to perfection.
Many of your links will come from direct niche relevant sites. We will use only high traffic real sites for this purpose. No PBN. NO bad site. Only niche-based links.

3. We use longer content- more trust, better ranking-
Google smiles at lengthy contents, it is only fair that they would favor them. If a SEO agency makes your link- there are high chances they would use a super long article Most of these articles are between 1000-1500 words long.

Go look at other services available on the internet.
Most of the link building services offers 300-500 words long content.
Don’t you think it would be brilliant to have links with longer content?
When you subscribe to our Monthly SEO Service, we take our time to make sure your links are built using 1000-1500 words log content and above.

4. Linking pattern that looks legit- (This process would enable your website rank forever)
Check an article on Huffington or Forbes or lifehacker or any other big website and you will find every single article having 4-5 links to various different sources. . Many people call it “citations” (not local citations).

You have bought many links from the internet so far. How many times have you seen a post which had a link to your website and to several other places?
A post that links only one website is a red flag to Google. When being supervised by a human, he would quickly identify that it is not a genuinely acquired link. You can have short term gains, but on a long run, it would destroy all you efforts.

We make sure that your backlink post has 3-4 more link sources as well.
That way, your link looks natural, and it would benefit you forever!


In monthly SEO solution – we take complete care of your website.
We check your website on-page. Suggest any changes, if available.
We get you your competitor’s same links. We get you some guest posts, some niche edits, and many more link types those we think that you might need.

If you use our monthly SEO solution – you will get a “custom SEO campaign which is built only for you””.
We promise- we will not use pbn, low-quality sites OR any other similar lower quality links.
When you involve with us- you can be confident that you will get your SEO done by professionals and executed at an excellent level.


How many links will I get?-
In some months, you might end up with 50 links, and in some months, you might end up with 15 links.
Please remember – This is custom-built SEO, not an exact specific thing.
If you wish- we can give you a little idea of links in the beginning of each month, but link count cannot be clearly stated.


1. Our prices are – $300, $600, $1200 and $2000 a month.
2. The only difference between each package are the numbers of links you get.
3. You can buy for just 1 month with confidence, because links are permanent and NOT rented.


If you have any question or would like to discuss anything-
Add us on Skype.
Our Skype is: aim100IM
OR send us an email:
Thank you.


How many keyword and urls can I provide?
As many you want to.


Is Casino, adult accepted?
YES. They are.


Is this safe?
Even human life is not safe. We do service in a way that you actually get legit-looking genuinely acquired friendly links from good sites hence almost no chance for a penalty.


What is the turnaround time?
Once you order- we take approx. 1 week to write your content and then we drip your links for 3 weeks.
Expect a report in a month from the date you place an order.