Tutorial : CopyWriting – A Title So Stupid That You Have To Open It To Know What It Is

Every time I want to write something- the beginning is the hardest part for me. But for this post of mine- I just covered that 🙂

Hello Everyone. Welcome to this Tutorial on COPYWRITING.

Why You should Read this Copywriting Tutorial

  1. Because you will gain “1 year of experience” in just “3 hours and 10 minutes” –
    Reading this tutorial should take you something like 10 minutes.
    At the end of this tutorial – I have written an assignment which should take at least 3 hours to finish.

Once you finish that assignment and by then- you should be having experience, knowledge and wisdom of someone who has spent 1 year doing nothing but copywriting.

What makes Me Eligible to Write a Copywriting Tutorial?:

I will leave that for you to decide.

One more reason to read this copywriting tutorial:
Go on the web and you will NOT find any tutorial like this on any website. Nothing like this exists anywhere- but here!

Enough chatter. Let’s begin with the actual tutorial.

For this tutorial- I am going to explain- “The Art Of Writing Titles”.

Why should You Care for Writing Good Titles

Scenario 1:
Imagine that you just got a new email notification, and the email title is “FUCK THE POOR.”
Will you now open that email and read it?

Scenario 2:
Imagine again that you just got a new email notification, and this email title is “Head: A Beautiful Thing on Your Head.”
Will you now open that email and read it?

High chances you will open those emails and read them. Such is the power of copywriting that it forces you to
take action. And in this tutorial- you are exactly going to learn- how to write titles.

Here is a Fun Fact for Titles:
Approx. 70% people open an email (or any sort of notification) only based on the title.
MEANING If you do NOT know how to write good titles- there are chances- Well! you will miss out on 70% traffic.

Until now, I’ve covered why it’s important to write good titles. Now, let’s talk about “How to Actually Write Good Titles.”

Before I begin that- here is a quote you must be familiar with:
“A good copywriter writes for readers. A great copywriter writes for PSYCHOLOGY”.

Now neither me- nor you are a certified psychologist but by the end of this tutorial- you will learn about each emotion (Psychology) and using them to write good titles.

23 Methods of Writing Good Titles

Now I am going to list here 23 ways to write good titles. And I will write each way with 2-3 examples.
Let’s begin:

Title Type 1: Shock Value based Titles:
You can write titles that has “shock value” in them. Here are a few examples:
The forbidden, that was hidden, is naked today
Naked nature of natural SEO exploited
This changed the definition of SEO – Blank SEO
Are you brave enough for this?
Others don’t want to see it. But u do
Others don’t know this. Do you?
Found for the first time.
The power of impossible.

Title Type 2: Say Half Things: (My Favorite and Extremely Effective)
Human mind is built in a way that it can NOT live calm if it has HALF information. This is why these type of titles are extremely effective. Here are a few examples:
Nothing existed like what’s inside.
You will read this but then what?
Right SEO does what?
So how was your SEO?

Title Type 3: Surprise based Titles:
This changed the concept of SEO.
Think you know SEO?

Title Type 4: Moral Offensive Titles:
Fuck the poor.
The ugly but successful way to SEO.
The fast route which is not the shining usually route.
People can hate u for trying this method of SEO.

Title Type 5: Controversial Titles:
This will prove that your SEO strategies are wrong.
Is your SEO company really working for you? Find out the truth.
The SEO truth none has the courage to tell.
Why most experts are wrong about ranking on Google.
The dark side of SEO. Your competitors don’t want you to know this.
The one thing your SEO provider is hiding from you.
Why you should fire your SEO provider right now.

Title Type 6: Fear based Titles:
Don’t let your competitors dominate you.
The terrifying truth about SEO.
Are you scared of loosing your business?
The cost we pay for bad SEO.
Afraid of falling behind?
Are you up at night worrying?.

Title Type 7: Anger based Titles:
Sick of planning nice?
Don’t let others leave you behind .
Angry about loosing your ranking to others?
When are you going to rank?

Title Type 8: Social Norm Violation based Titles:

We don’t do SEO like everyone else.
Society is not ready for this kind of SEO.
Are you guilty of this common SEO practice?
Are you brave enough to try this dark kind of SEO?
The move others are too scared to take.

Title Type 9: Say No: (My Favorite and Extremely Effective) based Titles:

This type of title is extremely effective. Human mind is NOT built to understand the word “NO” and therefore these titles effective rate is always extremely high.

You can not say no to this.
Not doing good SEO? Let us help.
Google will Not make u rank fast. Let us change that.

Title Type 10: Sexual References based Titles:

7 inches long SEO.
The banana SEO for the SEO-horny in you.
Blow Top SEO.

Title Type 11: Curiosity based Titles:

The one SEO trick you can’t ignore any longer.
The one secret trick that you never knew.
The number 1 mistake people when make they buy seo.
The SEO hack you have not tried yet.

Title Type 12: Play with Words:
Hooman hooman. Let me make you super hooman.
Only If You Are A Knight- Night SEO
Mother of all fathers.
SEO C – See the SEO of C. Sea level deep SEO C.
Today right. Tomorrow wrong.

Title Type 13: Overall Sensational Titles:
Get ready for a flood of traffic.
Is your website a complete mess? Let us fix… Real fast.

Title Type 14: Weird Type Titles:
Such titles are extremely effective because your subconscious mind seems them as “too much information” in “too little words.”

The adult party of kids.
The honest deception.
Truth of the false.
SEO was about links. We will talk about ghosts.
The only weak kind of SEO that produces strong results.
Make the alpha man cry.
Her beauty was perceived ugly.

Title Type 15: Create a Common Enemy of You + Your Reader:
Google don’t want you to do this type of SEO.

Title Type 16: Social Proof Titles:
85% of our clients were ranked.
In May 2023- We ranked him for 2000 keywords.

Title Type 17: Urgency based Titles:
Act now We can only take so much in our hands.
Only 9 copies to be sold.

Title Type 18: Be Poetic Titles:
No title can explain- what are you about to gain.
9 copies to be sold. Now’s the time to become bold.

Title Type 19: Focus on Empowering A Single Word:
These titles are extremely effective when you want to SELL something. Though bit hard to understand.
Truth of “SEO exposed”- The unknown truth of “SEO exposed”.
The most useful “SEO service” you will ever buy.
The art of dominating “your niche”.

Title Type 20: Loyalty based Titles:
No matter what, this is going to work for you.
The SEO which is only for our old clients.
Over the years – We produced 2000 rankings.

Title Type 21: Confidence based Titles:
We produced results for 100s of you.
Hard keywords? Leave that to us.
The tried and tested form of SEO.
It took us 6 months to build this beast SEO.

Title Type 22: Confidence based Titles for Your Reader:
The best version of your site. You will experience that with us.
Get the traffic you have always wanted to get.

Title Type 23: Half Thoughts, Unclear, Curiosity Gap based Titles:
Because no title can explain what you are about to gain.
You won’t believe what we found.

A few examples of various titles that I could not categorize in any sort of emotion:
Stop the scroll.
Oops. We made a mistake. We ran out of bad links.
We love our clients for their money. They love us for our honesty.

By now- you have read all the 23 type of titles. If you want to master each of them- then here is a little ASSIGNMENT/PROJECT/TASK for you.

Go ahead and write a few examples for each of the 23 emotions I wrote above. Doing this should take you 3 hours but if you do that- you will most definitely have experience of someone who has done copywriting for at least 1 year 🙂

I believe you learnt a thing or two from this tutorial.
There is more to copywriting and not just writing titles. I will try to write another article on copywriting again soon in the future.

Thank you for reading.

Now let me end this tutorial with a title:
Now Go Fuck Yourself But Since You Are A Reader Of My Tutorial – I wish you all the success in life!


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