Tutorial 4 : Method for doing cheap Black Hat Links with SUCCESS – SEO Tips that will make your life easier and FASTER – November 2020

Not everyone sees success with their website. Some of you rank and some of you DON’T.

There are many people doing simple links like web2.0s or pbns and they rank pretty great. There are also many of you who built all the good links in the book, and still no success.

All kinds of backlinks work. There are people ranking for big keywords with shitty backlinks. There are people doing all kinds of shady things—scraped articles websites, multiple spammy 301s—and they still see very good success.

You have to do things “RIGHT,” and SEO is not that complicated really.


This tutorial will give you some SEO tips that might help rank your website on Google.


Is this tutorial evidence-based?


In a way, YES.


I love to do various types of tests and this tutorial is based on clear findings. Having an idea about SEO is a different thing than “doing something exact and seeing exact results” – both are different things.

What you will read is something that has worked SO MANY TIMES and it’s not that complicated really.


Let’s Begin:



Send your backlinks to 7-10 different pages of your website (so simple. NO?).

Suppose that you want to order a backlink service from BlackHatWorld OR you want to fire up your rankerX now…

Do not make backlinks for only 1/2/3 pages of your website. Make 10s/100s/200s/500s  of backlinks for 7-10 different pages (minimum) of your website.



Understand that SEO needs to run CONSTANTLY:

If you have made 50 backlinks this month, then make sure to do some backlinks next month too. Doing 100 links a month and then doing only 10 links next month is REALLY FINE but never ever, ever, ever stop making new links.

Most sites experience 3-6 months of a sandbox period where they don’t rank—it does not matter what they do.

If for 6 months, you have constantly added new links + new content on your website + new social media votes, chances are good you are set to grow.



Try all unique ANCHORS for backlinks of a specific page:

Suppose that your website is Noodle .com and you want to get some backlinks for these pages of your website–>

Noodle .com/page1

Noodle .com/page2

There are 2 pages (URLs) written above. Suppose that you want to make 5 backlinks for each of your pages.

In that case, make sure that each of the 5 backlinks for “Noodle .com/page1” has “all different anchors only.

Same for “Noodle .com/page2.”


Let’s put it into easier words via an example:

While making backlinks, you should get links built using these anchor keywords.

Noodle .com/page1 =

NoodleTerm1, NoodleTerm2, NoodleTerm3, NoodleTerm4, NoodleTerm5 = GOOD TO DO.

Noodle .com/page2 =

NoodleTerm1, NoodleTerm1, NoodleTerm3, NoodleTerm3, NoodleTerm4 = NOT a good thing to do.


What I have written above is not exact math, but you get the idea… Avoid repeating anchors for a “specific page” of your website as much as possible.


SEO Tip 4:

Power up your old backlinks:

You made some backlinks. You probably cared about “indexing” them and then you forgot those backlinks.

Don’t do that……

Your backlinks can also mature and they can also send you a lot more value and power.

Just make some tier2 backlinks for your good backlinks every once in a while. Checking your backlinks every 2-3 months and then doing some tier2 backlinks for those cannot hurt. Right?

Send some backlinks to your cheap web2.0s every month for 6 consecutive months and there could be a huge results difference.


I wanted to write more, but I got bored. Thank you for bearing with me.

I will end the tutorial with a favorite quote of mine now:

In order to become the 1%, you must do what the other 99% won’t.

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