Why do Smart webmasters see traffic in 3 months & Average marketers see traffic in 18 months?

3 basics that hugely impact your internet marketing and SEO


The first difference between Smart Webmaster and an Average Webmaster:

Smart Webmasters: Have as little as 30 articles on their website yet receive huge traffic.
Average Webmaster: He has no idea how many articles he will need to get traffic.


The second difference between Smart Webmaster and an Average Webmaster:

Smart webmasters: Have done close to ZERO link building yet receive massive traffic on their website.
Average webmasters: Buys various SEO services and is never sure what will happen.


The third difference between Smart Webmaster and an Average Webmaster:

Smart webmasters: Can get traffic on his website in as little as 3 months.
Average webmasters: Never knows when he will get traffic. Most average marketers take 1.5 years to see traffic from google.


So how do you get to be a smart webmaster?

Life would be VERY EASY if you knew which keywords could be ranked fast. Also, life would be easy if you could know how to find out websites that are small yet they receive a huge load of traffic. 


Here are 3 techniques that all smart webmasters follow by heart:


Technique 1:


A 5000 words article is better than 10 articles of 500 words each:

Writing 10 articles, every 500 words long for 10 different keywords.
Writing a single article of 5000 words that covers many keywords.


Which would be better?

The answer is that it’s better to have a 5000 words long article that covers many longtails.

A 5000-word long article can be ranked for HUNDREDS of keywords ~ not to mention it will require the least SEO to apply.

Smart webmasters usually write a super long article covering hundreds of longtail articles. The technical term for such an article is “Pillar Article.”

A pillar article can be ranked for hundreds of keywords and potentially generate thousands of traffic. All you need to do is insert about 50 longtail keywords in your single article.

Making links for 10 different articles will require a lot of money but making links for a single article will not cost a lot of money. Right?

So when you are writing your next article keep this tip in your mind.




Technique 2:

You don’t need to do 100s of links for SEO. Do only 5 links but continue it for many months.

Many webmasters do NOT see success because they do SEO for once and then think SEO is dead. Do not do that.

A smart webmaster understands that SEO is something where you need to create links every month.

Have a new website/page? Make sure to do only 5 links but do it for the next 3 to 4 months continuously.

Google likes it when it sees a website getting constant links every month.



Technique 3:

Secure your brand name on social websites

Smart webmasters create a profile for their brand on various social websites.
Having a Facebook and Twitter page is good, but there are hundreds of websites like Facebook (such as to ask.fm, about.me) where having your brand mentioned is always great.

Google loves it when it sees you have a presence on many social websites.


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